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Our Work

DDS focuses on high-impact projects that advance the Department of Defense's most important initiatives that are critical to the well-being of service members, civilians, and core operations of the Department.

Current and past projects include reforming digital services that provide military families access to critical benefits; running bug bounty programs to identify vulnerabilities and better secure defense systems; developing drone detection technologies; hunting adversaries on defense networks; rethinking training for cyber soldiers and more.

We use design and technology to improve government services, strengthen national defense, and care for military members and their families.

Engagement Categories:


When a DoD organization faces a technical issue that cannot wait, DDS issues a rapid response. These engagements end with a quick technical fix or a report that outlines the team’s findings and presents possible paths forward.



Undertakings where DDS develops and delivers technology to solve a problem in the DoD. Teams are staffed according to technical needs and the project ends with the successful transition of technology back to the host organization.



When DDS engages with a DoD organization to dig into technical issues that the office is facing. These engagements tend to be shorter in duration and usually result in a report that outlines findings and possible technical paths forward.


We're focused on hiring the best to serve the best.

Interested in proving hoodies, hackers, and nerds have an important role to play in furthering national defense missions?