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Solving mission-critical problems within the Department of Defense.

Who We Are

DDS was established by the Secretary of Defense in November 2015 as a SWAT team of nerds that provides the best in modern technical knowledge to bolster national defense.

We are world-class software developers, engineers, data scientists, designers, and product managers from both the private sector, government, and the military. We are headquartered in the Pentagon, and we have outposts in Augusta, GA and Mountain View, CA.

We focus on high-impact projects that advance the Department of Defense's most important initiatives that are critical to the well-being of service members, civilians, and core operations of the Department.

Our mission is to provide the best in modern technology to bolster national defense.

Go where the work is.

As a team, we are dedicated to taking on the most challenging technological problems within the DoD to protect national security.

Do work that matters.

We work on high-impact technology projects that help the DoD meet the needs and improve the lives of service members and civilians.

Be brave and tell the truth.

We tell the DoD the truth about systems and capabilities — even if it's hard to hear.

Ask for forgiveness, not permission, and signal intent.

We're in the business of saving lives. We move forward while constantly communicating our logic.

Design with users not for them.

We design directly with users to ensure the product and supporting processes meet needs the first time.

We're focused on hiring the best to serve the best.

Interested in proving hoodies, hackers, and nerds have an important role to play in furthering national defense missions?