Request for White Papers [CLOSED]:
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Responding to a Requirement

The Department of Defense is requesting short white papers (not to exceed 10 pages) outlining commercial solutions corresponding to the Statement of Need document included below. Interested vendors may use the White Paper Template to submit a response.

Statement of Need (PDF)
White Paper Template (DOCX)

Responses from the Government to vendor questions are available here. Questions were due by 3PM ET on January 10.

White papers were due by Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 5PM ET. Submissions are now closed.

Our Process

It is the Government's intention to negotiate, select and fund "best value" Prototype Project(s) from the submitted White Paper(s). The White Paper selection will be conducted in accordance with Government procedures and the evaluation criteria below. The Government will make a determination whether to:

  1. Select the White Paper(s), or some portion of the White Paper(s);
  2. Request an in-person interview, if required, to select or reject White Paper(s); or
  3. Retain the White Paper(s) for potential future funding
The White Paper selection decision will be formally communicated to the responding vendors. The Government may then issue a code challenge to the selected vendors. The winner of the challenge will then receive a Request for Prototype Proposal (RPP) with a more detailed Government requirement. The Government will perform an evaluation of the final proposal to ensure it meets the requirements and then proceed with award based on availability of funding.

In the event that the Government is unable to come to terms with the initial selectee, the Government can reevaluate the white paper responses and make another selection.

White Paper Evaluation Criteria

The overall evaluation will be based on an integrated assessment of the criteria below:

  1. Technical merit of the proposed solution will be assessed with respect to technical advancement, clarity and soundness of the technical approach and the extent to which the statement of need is addressed.
  2. Adequacy of proposed facilities, equipment and key personnel (to include capability for proper classification level as defined in the statement of need) to meet the requirements of the proposed technological solution.
  3. Evaluation of the potential impacts of the data rights assertions.
  4. Evaluation of significant nontraditional and/or small business participation, or one-third (1/3) cost share.
  5. Affordability of proposed solution.

Additional Information

Security Requirements

No information classified as “Confidential”, “Secret”, or “Top Secret” shall be submitted or included in the proposed Technology Prototype Project White Papers.

Other Special Requirements

Vendors are advised that research findings and technology developments arising from the resulting RWP may constitute a significant enhancement to the national defense, and to the economic vitality of the United States. As such, in the conduct of all work under the subsequent Technology Prototype Project Agreement(s), the recipient will comply strictly with the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (22 CFR 120-130), the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (DOD 5220.22-M) and the Department of Commerce Export Regulation (15 CFR 730-774).