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Fire Fighting

We can't wait to play catch-up with our technology. DDS runs firefighting missions to address immediate problems threatening our safety. Recent examples include:

Operation Warp Speed

Operation Warp Speed is an effort to OWS ensure that safe, effective, FDA-approved vaccines are securely researched, tested, manufactured, and distributed to the American people. OWS is a joint effort between DoD and HHS, which merges HHS’ central role in pandemic response and their relationship with the healthcare industry with DoD’s experience with large-scale operations and defensive capabilities. NSA and DDS are playing key roles in the cybersecurity ‘pillar’ of the OWS Security & Assurance effort. NSA and DDS leverage complementary capabilities and various cybersecurity experts to assess potential risks & threats and provide guidance on potential mitigations. NSA & DDS are working to secure critical data & systems involved in the above processes, across private & public organizations.

Army Recruiting System

The Army’s Recruiting Information Support System (ARISS) suffered a series of critical system outages that prevented the Army from generating enlistment contracts. DDS sent a team of four software engineers and a product manager, to the Army Human Resources Command in Fort Knox, Kentucky, to troubleshoot and assist in service restoration. The team immediately installed commercial application performance monitoring tools and was successful in restoring the service.

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