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Fire Fighting

We can't wait to play catch-up with our technology. DDS runs firefighting missions to address immediate problems threatening our safety. Recent examples include:


DDS designed MySymptoms.mil specifically for the DoD community to check and assess COVID-19 symptoms. MySymptoms.mil was created at the direction of the Secretary of Defense.

MySymptoms.mil is an anonymous tool designed with DoD personnel in mind. It does not diagnose disease but assesses the likelihood someone may have COVID-19 based on a series of simple health-related questions, and then provides information on how to seek further advice. MySymptoms.mil was built on a .mil domain to ensure the DoD community can access it regardless of the network they use.

Army Recruiting System

The Army’s Recruiting Information Support System (ARISS) suffered a series of critical system outages that prevented the Army from generating enlistment contracts. DDS sent a team of four software engineers and a product manager, to the Army Human Resources Command in Fort Knox, Kentucky, to troubleshoot and assist in service restoration. The team immediately installed commercial application performance monitoring tools and was successful in restoring the service.

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