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Tech Navigators

DDS serves as the go-to source of technical expertise across the DoD, responding to critical global system outages, running "Discovery Sprints" to unpack technology challenges, and providing accessible technical experts. Recent examples include:

Rapid ATO

DDS provided an alternative to the Risk Mitigation Framework (RMF) Authorization to Operate (ATO) process with a Rapid ATO. Currently, ATOs take nine to 18 months and focus on compliance over effective security. The Rapid ATO process uses a DevSecOps pipeline to provide the Authorizing Official (AO) with the confidence that a software application is well-built and secure. In summer 2019, the first application, called R2D2 (page 23), was approved as a trial run. DDS received the approval to pursue the Rapid ATO by the DoD Senior Information Security Officer (SISO) in November 2019 for two additional projects (Battle for Mon Cala and SABER). Success in those projects aims to make Rapid ATO a DoD standard for all future software related projects moving forward.

Open Skies

To support the Open Skies Treaty, a contract was awarded in February 2016 to replace the current optical cameras with a Digital Visual Imaging System (DVIS) in the current OC-135 aircraft and a Digital Ground Processing Station (DGPS). With the project behind schedule and not meeting a scheduled window of opportunity for international certification, Air Force acquisition leadership asked DDS in June 2019 to take a CTO role and drive the project to completion concentrating on operational improvements and implementing modern software methodologies. With DDS leadership, the project pushed through functional software and image quality stabilization in November 2019, just in time for the scheduled Developmental Test flights in December. With the completion of the functional software, DDS exited the project and is monitoring ongoing progress.


R2D2 was designed and developed in response to the DoD CIO mandate that all Windows-based clients be migrated to the most current operating system. The United States Marine Corps lacked the capability and resourcing required to identify all Windows clients within its IT portfolio. By collecting and sorting the data inputs from various sources, R2D2 seeks to create reports and data visualizations to enable program and portfolio management, inform risk management decisions, and provide metrics. DDS is providing and managing the cloud infrastructure for the development and initial deployment of the application. The short-term goal of the application was to deliver on the WIN10 DoD CIO mandate no later than December 2019, and this has been completed.

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